A multitude of voices

With so many stories, accomplishments, messages, and announcements to share with the Mount Vernon community and beyond, it is imperative to utilize as many forms of communication as possible: verbal, written, photos, video, and audio. As different audiences absorb information in a variety of ways, messaging must take many forms.

At Mount Vernon, a collection of podcast series exist to share a multitude of voices. Listen, find a favorite series, and subscribe, to be among many learning more about MV.

Listen To Our Favorite Episodes


A podcast sharing the stories of transformational learning at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School.

Building Community at Mount Vernon

We often hear from families that they selected Mount Vernon not only for its innovative focus, but also because of its warm and welcoming community. While building community has always been a priority, this year more than ever, the School’s faculty and staff are taking bold steps in this area. In the latest episode of MV Stories, the division heads, Chip Houston, Dr. Angél Kytle, Shelley Searcy, and Kelly Kelly share in detail what building community looks like this year.

Design Movement

Hosted by Dr. Brett Jacobsen, Head of School at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School, Design Movement is a learning and leadership conversation in education, business, and the non-profit community.

Part 1: Be a Brain Changer w/ Glenn Whitman

Glenn Whitman, Director of the Center for Transformative Teaching and Learning, joins Design Movement to discuss his book, Neuroteach: Brain Science and Future of Education.

Build in Progress

Build in Progress is part of Mount Vernon Institute for Innovation’s mission to share. In season 1 we are exploring intersections of Science, Engineering, Art, and Design. You can always find show notes, video content, and other cool stuff on our host site – MVIFI.org/shares

Build a Culture w/ Leigh Northrup | Build in Progress S1E1

Let’s talk about leadership in #MakerEd and how to build culture in a maker community. Leigh Northrup of Cannon School says to “give them what they want, but slip them what they need”….and have a sweet vinyl collection on hand.

Made in MV

A new podcast discussing how we live out our culture at Mount Vernon Presbyterian School. Join Head of School Dr. Brett Jacobsen and his guests to learn what it means to be Made in MV.

Building People Up | Episode 3

In this third episode of MADE in MV, Mount Vernon’s Head of School Dr. Brett Jacobsen discusses another one of the MADE in MV components: Building people up. This is an MV principle about inspiring one another through the work we undertake together. When we build people up, it causes us to hit pause in our life to be curious, to ask questions, and ultimately, be slow to speak.