Miles Mallory: Takes A Look Back

Prior to his visit to Mount Vernon to speak at the year’s first Business & Entrepreneurship Club meeting (a club that he co-founded), Miles reached out to Head of School Dr. Brett Jacobsen through a heartfelt letter (below). He looks back on his experience at MVPS, sharing his excitement about the School’s future.

It took some time away from high school to fully realize this truth, and after five years I am more proud of the community and opportunities that Mount Vernon provided me, with each update that I hear about online. The recent news of your incredible and well-deserved recognition as Most Admired CEO in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, as well as the virtual design of the new upper school, solidified my overwhelming appreciation of your leadership. I’m so grateful for Mount Vernon’s history, people, and vision.

In my opinion, Mount Vernon’s Upper School was a start-up.

The rapid and unexpected turnover of faculty, our “1st annual” everything, and the intimate relationship with faculty and students, built our unique camaraderie. We were all building the foundation of a new style of high school, supporting each other when other schools saw nothing but the small number of graduates. Even during the recession, when paying for private education was probably seen as an unnecessary cost, I never could have known how challenging it must have been for you. We didn’t have anything in our history, because we were building our own history each year. Now, Mount Vernon’s sports games and hallways are full. Each year you build new ideas, yet continue to maintain history from previous classes. Your leadership throughout the Upper School’s history has built a stable culture, and will continue to be appreciated in the future.

Our people stay connected, supportive, and encouraging.

Every school says they have the best people, but I can bet that few adults follow their former teachers on social media..Let’s be honest for a second. Your ability to hire smart teachers who connect with their students on such a personal level, that they surpass a “teacher–student” relationship and evolve into “mentor–mentee” is the school’s biggest strength. The relationship with these people here is so great because under your leadership, we built this high school culture from scratch. I will never in my life forget my mentors here.

Your vision for the future of education will continue to change kids lives.

I remember the year when you came to Mount Vernon, and our school’s brand identity came into existence. Don’t take this personally, but as an immature 15 year old, we thought it was silly–“”Why would we want to “be innovative”? You mean we’re going to build the next iPhone…? There’s Mount Vernon, trying to look like Apple”” (Haha) (Again, I was foolish).

Five years later, at my computer scrolling through MVPS’ social media news, there it is- the new high school.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched the video show what will be included. Expandable classrooms, A STEM lab, study rooms, an open seating cafe, and large glass panels for natural sunlight. I was amazed at the sight, because for the years of promise as well as multiple private funding challenges, the new Upper School is being built. Your leadership of business development, investment strategies, and future industry needs such as coding, STEM courses, and environmental integration is now becoming a reality for kids at Mount Vernon. You kept your promise from 2009 to be innovative, global citizens.

My deepest congratulations on your recognition.

​There isn’t anyone in the educational world that has impacted me as much as your team at Mount Vernon. ​Building our foundation and history, your wonderful people and teachers and the vision that you promised a start-up high-school, paved the way for educating kids for real-world challenges in a brand new location across the field.  

Thank you for running the school that changed me forever. You will always have my support and love. Let’s keep in touch.

Best regards,

In 2010 Miles co-founded Mount Vernon’s Upper School Business & Entrepreneurship Club.

Playing on the Mustangs’ Varsity football team he also took the stage, performing in multiple MV Allstar Productions including You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown and Hamlet. In addition to being the Admissions Prefect his senior year, he was Homecoming King, too.

As a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder and an extreme outdoorsman who recently climbed Mt. Ranier, Miles Mallory now works in the advertising industry in San Francisco, California.

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Mount Vernon’s mission as a school of inquiry, innovation, and impact officially began in 2012. In this episode of MV Stories, we sit down with three 2012 graduates, Robert Barclift, Miles Mallory, and Alex Butler. After one year in the workforce, they look back on their experience at Mount Vernon, how it prepared them for life, and why to them, the campaign to Pioneer Tomorrow is a promise fulfilled.

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