At Mount Vernon, the lines are being blurred between school and real life.

When MV students are presented with opportunities, they discover courage.
When they meet experts, they exercise poise.
As they are exposed to a variety of authentic situations, they develop empathy.

Our students are building critical social and academic skills, which will equip them to succeed in a world we have not yet met.

Whether Mark Grove shared it in his Valedictory speech: “No matter who you are or where you end up on the map, the honest truth is that you can make an impact.”

Or, written in the story about Ecological Rhetoric, one of our newest Upper School courses, “Where Science and Literature collide, a year-long Project Based Learning (PBL) course was designed to impact our local community. Out of this, came four individual projects developed from curiosity, empathy, and passion.”

Or, included in an External Expert’s opinion piece about Why Real-World Learning Matters, “These same students will feel prepared educationally and inspired personally to make a positive difference in the world in which we live.”

Or, the story about the students with the vision for the Ground Floor – Mount Vernon’s new coffee shop, “Because they had the opportunity to attend Mount Vernon where curiosity and passion drive learning, they were able to think big, explore possibilities, and chase their dreams to make an impact. Today.”

When we look to the future, there is unknown. However, we find comfort in knowing this next generation will be prepared, equipped, and ready. They will have different expectations, preferences, and perspectives that will challenge each of us.

We are grateful to our MV families who believe in, entrust, and support the vision, the people, and the work that allow our students to dream and become.



Anne Katz, Editor
Chief Community Development Officer
[email protected]

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