At Mount Vernon we choose to wander and to wonder.

We seek to create a learning environment that invites all people to follow the sparks of motivation, interest, and curiosity as far as each can take them.

  • We seek to provide paths of faith and curiosity.
  • We seek to nurture experiences of deep purpose and joyful play.
  • We seek to model living, learning mindsets that constantly adapt and expand.

At Mount Vernon we are SEEKERS and EXPLORERS.

A 7-year-old pressed pause in the middle of his oceanic infographic project to visit the Georgia Aquarium and ask questions of experts, collect facts, and analyze real, live data.

A senior hiked across the sandy Dad├Ęs Gorges in Morocco with a pack on her back, just to be immersed in a culture unlike her own.

When the traditional boundaries are removed for learners of all ages, that’s when the magic happens.

We choose to experiment with extraordinary ideas that might one day become the norm. We will not just build a roadmap for future generations of MVPS students and families; Mount Vernon will continue to carve a path for the future of learning itself.

This is who we are. This is what we do. We are Mount Vernon.

Thank you for seeking and exploring with us!


Anne Katz, Editor
Head of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

This issue has been made possible with the efforts of Dr. Jacobsen, the Brand/Communications team (Trey Boden, Betsy Armstrong, and Cooper Fiscus-van Rossum), and with a lot of heavy lifting by our many contributors. Thank you!