We are MADE in MV

At Mount Vernon we are a community. We are MADE in MV.

We have fellowship at Mount Vernon because we subscribe to common attitudes, interests, and goals. We share values and responsibilities. We are a group of people who lean on each other and feel as though we belong together. We care. We share.

At Mount Vernon we have meaningful relationships with each other. This is where the magic of our community happens. We develop trust, which unlocks collaboration, sharing, support, hope, safety, and much more. Caring is at our core.

Real communities give us a sense of home and a sense of family. This is my tribe. This is where I belong.

Each one of us: students, family members, faculty, staff, Board of Trustees, Flik team, tutors, partners, and everyone else who steps across our MV threshold has an opportunity to influence, make an impact, and shape us all, as we continue to grow together.

We are Mount Vernon. We are MADE in MV.






Anne Katz, Editor
Head of Marketing & Communications
[email protected]

This issue has been made possible with the efforts of Dr. Jacobsen, the Brand/Communications team (Trey Boden/Creative Director, Betsy Armstrong/Photographer, Cooper Fiscus-van Rossum/Marketing, and Rikki Hagerty/Graphic Designer), and with a lot of heavy lifting by our many contributors. Thank you!