Mia Whitney
MVPS Class of 2017
Vanderbilt University – Nashville, TN

Big things are taking place at the School. As a Colt Club member, I’ve been exposed to Mount Vernon’s growth over the years. We’ve come a long way and I am proud to be a part of it. Not only have I experienced a wide variety of different teaching styles, from the traditional lecture-based approach to the innovative flipped classroom model, but the small class sizes allow the time and space for engaged and curious learning. The best part is that all students are welcomed and accepted, here.

AJ Whitney
MVPS Class of 2017
Duke University – Durham, NC

The community at MVPS is one that is close-knit, encouraging me to get out of my comfort zone. We were given the opportunity to do whatever we wanted with iProject and could actually make a difference. The general feeling of the School, too, is one of a community where learning is key and the relationship between teachers and students is more like a mentorship or a friendship. My teachers inspired me to be a hard worker and one who is dedicated to not just the work, but the people who surround me.

Alan Harris
Western Carolina University – Football
Cullowhee, NC

First off, I want to thank God for giving me the opportunity to play this sport that I love. I want to thank my parents Daisy and Andre and my brother Samuel and my little brother Eric for supporting me, I also want to thank several coaches and my teammates, who I call brothers, who each have been vital to my football career.


Morgan Lewis
MVPS Class of 2017
California State University – Track
Fresno, CA

“Morgan showed how hard work and resilience translates towards overcoming adversity and setback. After suffering a torn ACL as a freshman, she went on to win three State Championships and set new school records. She never felt sorry for herself, and took every day as a way to get better on the track and off. She will take that same work ethic to Fresno State where she will undoubtedly become one of the best Collegiate athletes we’ve ever seen.” – Coach Adlam

Gabriela Gonzalez
MVPS Class of 2017
University of North Carolina – Tennis
Charlotte, NC

“I was extraordinarily lucky to be able to coach Gabs. It was utterly amazing as a first-year tennis coach to have someone as reliable, dedicated, and dependable as Gabs was, at number one singles. She consistently went up against the top players from every team we faced, and only lost one match in her four years at MV. As one of our captains her senior year, she led by example and was loved and respected by all her teammates.” – Coach Baroody

Class of 2017
United States Naval Academy – Annapolis, MD

I want to thank God for this opportunity to play at the next level. I want to thank the coaches who have taught me everything to get here. For pushing me to go as hard as I can go and even harder. Especially Coach Dabbs – I really appreciate you being a part of this football program. I definitely thank my mom for everything she’s done for me over the past 18 years.

Class of 2017
University of Massachusetts – Amherst, MA

I moved to the US from the DR Congo before my sophomore year. I was only fourteen and was preparing to move to a new city in new country, on a new continent, while being across the world from my parents. I convinced them that I needed to move well before college to get used to the culture shock of living in a new country. I take pride in that, and all of the qualities that make me unique. I believe that it is not possible for others to admire you if you do not admire your true self. I stand by the fact that although I might not always look, speak, or sound like those around me, what makes me different is what makes me beautiful. I’ve never felt the urge to blend in and go with the flow because I am committed to affirming my true and authentic self.

Daniel Ward
MVPS Class of 2017
Western Michigan University – Kalamazoo, MI

Mount Vernon has done an excellent job of preparing me for college. Many of the academic courses are designed to prepare you for what is in college. The college counseling staff does an incredible job of working with each student one on one to find the best fits for college and to prepare that student in every way for the next year. I am very passionate about aviation. I have always loved flying. I am going to college to study aviation and prepare for a career as a professional pilot.

Emme Watkins
MVPS Class of 2017
University of Miami – Coral Gables, FL

Mount Vernon has prepared me for college by providing the resources needed in order to thrive in the real world. I was taught to work and think like a college student, learning time management, social skills, balancing school and extracurriculars, and overall ‘adulting’. I have always had an interest in the ocean and marine life, so I will be pursuing marine science/biology as my major in college, but I love to learn more and ask questions about other topics that interest me, such as nutrition, fashion, art, and design.

MVPS Class of 2017
Drexel University – Philadelphia, PA

When Ethan came to Mount Vernon, there was a buzz. We knew he was a very special athlete – a changemaker. He is part of developing a winning attitude, one that is present in all of Mount Vernon sports – not just golf. He has a relentless desire to see everyone perform at their very best. In golf, Ethan would give up his own practice time to help develop those who were beginners, possibly at the expense of his being his very best. He put everything he had into those around him. It made a difference in our team.

– Coach Mathews

Jack Hale
MVPS Class of 2017
Tufts University – Medford, MA

Mount Vernon made learning fun. Being there was a transformational experience for me. I explored my passions and discovered an affinity for mathematics and biology. I believe that anyone can do whatever they want. If you work hard and truly believe in yourself, anything is possible. Take risks and although you might not always win, if you keep working towards something, your aspirations can be realized. You cannot be afraid of failure. Find what passions excited you, set goals, and believe in yourself. Step by step your dreams will come true.

Jacob Buck
MVPS Class of 2017
Georgia Institute of Technology – Atlanta, GA

Mount Vernon provided me with a wide variety of academically rigorous courses in the STEM field, preparing me to work toward a degree in mechanical engineering. Because I am a person who likes to get things done and not wait for others to make things happen, I involve myself in my work until it is finished. Whether it is school work, an Eagle Scout project, or an admissions event, once I start, I won’t stop until the work is done. Thanks to Mount Vernon encouraging my ambition, I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone and try new things, without fearing the possibility of failing.

MVPS Class of 2017
Miami University – Oxford, OH

James is a true leader. As one of the premier athletes in what is considered to be an individual sport, James demonstrates what it takes to be a true leader; how to make a team gel and how to get the most out of everyone around him. As he prepares to go off to Miami of Ohio, he will bring those same skills to make his team better, because that is the type of leader-athlete James is.

– Coach Mathews